1 Cyber Security Solutions

Did you know that over 70% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by users? Prevent attacks by fortifying the last mile – the user! In our experience, we recognize that security products and practices often ignore the most fundamental element of an organization: the user. Users are often provided with long, out-dated and monotonous security training that is mainly designed to meet compliance requirements. It is not surprising that over 70% of cyber security incidents are caused by users.

A total Cyber Security Solution = People + Process + Technology
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Ignitec, along with our partner, SecurityAdvisor, bring to you a solution that
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI), creates a personalized and contextual security awareness for each employee / contractor
  • Has a surgical approach to identify, remediate and report risky events and actions
  • Delivers measurable outcomes

2 Internationalization Solutions

Does your product communicate in your customer's language? Organizations often struggle to decide when to start internationalization. Is it best to do internationalization at the end of an application development cycle or at the initial stage or run it in parallel with development?

Whether it is building a localization strategy, using internationalization best practices or defining and implementing localization processes, our partnership with Prudle Labs ensures that our business-focused approach delivers great results for our clients.

Working with Prudle Labs, Ignitec provides various internationalization, localization and translation services to ensure that global products are shipped to the market on time simultaneously in English and localized languages, with high quality and on budget. Below, see the steps in our Internationalization process:

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Run and scan code


Collaborate with global


Build server and code


360 degree matrix
for I18N


Complete error correction
on the go

We provide these Internationalization (I18N ) Services:

  • Analysis of I18N source code to find all possible internationalization issues
  • Fix most I18N issues automatically using the Prudle I18N plugin
  • Review the product UI or wireframe
  • Provide the I18N plan with timelines
  • Develop the I18N and QA checklist
  • Review source strings
  • Define I18N QA strategy
  • Perform Internationalization Testing to ensure that the product is localizable
  • Provide language translation for over 100 languages; see all languages supported: Translation Languages

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