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Product engineering for satellite communications can't wait. With the launch and expansion of LEO Satellites, SatCom further complements terrestrial technologies and offers strong communication channels to the world. The perception that satellite connectivity is prohibitively expensive is also slowly changing. Many organizations leverage our experts for their R&D programs to help maintain legacy products and give necessary engineering support to end customers.

We also provide expertise for new product introduction programs and help reduce the time to bring new products to market. Ignitec provides experts with deep experience in the Satcom industry who can help you meet your business goals and keep you ahead of the competition.

Satellite technology continues to grow and connect the unconnected. Governments, manufacturers and telecom carriers turn to our experts for support with the following:

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Portfolio of Satellite Communication & Telecom Engineering Services

1 Legacy Product Sustenance

Our team supports research and development for legacy product maintenance, including minor enhancements and release management. Ignitec also provides engineering help to Satcom operators when they transition to new technologies -- to ensure business continuity for their end customers.

2 New Product Engineering – Design to Commercialization

Our experts perform design, development, testing, and product commercialization and sustenance. We provide technology consulting across the product lifecycle. By leveraging the latest standards and open source we can reduce your time to market and cost of product development. We could enhance your product by integrating AI-based network analytics and security.

3 Value Engineering

Managing engineering budgets between existing products and developing new products is always challenging. Product Managers need to allocate resources to extend the life of existing products while ensuring their new products are ahead of their competition. Through innovative Value Engineering programs we help you to optimize the cost of sustaining products. Our Satcom experts collaborate with you to review, analyze and chart out detailed value engineering plans and execute them to achieve desired cost targets.

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