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Portfolio of Next-Generation IT Services

1 Big Data for Actionable Insights

Effective data management and analysis leads to increased profits, improved operational efficiency and a customer-centric organization. See how we serve organizations with Big Data for actionable insights.

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2 Cloud Enablement

A well-executed enablement to the cloud leads to growth and improved agility for your business. See how we help organizations plan a successful journey to the cloud.

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3 Cyber Security

Next-Gen IT requires powerful cyber security. The more connected your devices, the more vulnerable your network. See how we customize our cyber security services to protect infrastructures, based on their unique risks.

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4 IT Infrastructure Transformation

Significant increase in global computer capabilities, plus improved storage solutions and high speed/low latency networks, has given rise to the next generation of customer experience. Organizations may expect disproportionate costs to scale infrastructure and to ensure high availability of data. What's an organization to do?

Next-Gen infrastructure to the rescue: Laden with automation, Next-Generation infrastructure is aimed to scale and provide high availability. Next-Gen infrastructure is built on open technologies and the cloud to ensure low costs and quick deployment while scaling to business needs of the future.

  • Centralized provisioning.
  • Holistic enterprise management.
  • Granular security.
  • Significantly lower operating costs.
  • Reduced capital expenditure.
  • Cloud abstraction.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Vendor neutrality.
  • Cloud support: public, private or hybrid.
  • Implement Software-Defined everything (SDx), including Network, Storage and Devices.
  • Build scalable and cost-effective next-gen infrastructure.
  • Complete virtualization of systems.
  • Infrastructure transformation.
  • Continuous modernization enablement and deployment using automation.

5 Process Transformation using RPA & AI

Technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming an integral part of the strategy for many organizations. CXOs are reviewing their current approach to meet business objectives, given the new insight possible via Big Data.

Taking help from RPA and AI, CXOs are now evaluating how they can make their current processes faster, accurate, predictable and above all, customer centric. The key however still remains to stay aligned with business objectives and ensure that new technologies don’t increase complexity. Simplification before automation is the new mantra of successful CXOs.

When you combine the strengths of RPA and AI you can reach unprecedented levels of Intelligent Automation by using even the unstructured data. The use cases are unlimited and cut across all business processes, whether it is Hire to Retire, Procure to Pay, idea to Product, Customer support or other use cases.

In a fast-moving economy where product life cycles are often shortened, it helps to have a digital workforce who is trained and recalibrated to meet ever-changing business demands.

  • Advisory and implementation services.
  • Process simplification.
  • Traditional automation experience - leveraging available tools.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning .
  • Partnerships with leading RPA and AI firms.
  • Automation for legacy systems.

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