Advantages of moving to 5G Network

  • Higher data transmission rates to support new applications
  • Increased network capacity
  • Ability to connect increased number of devices to the network; this is essential in order for IoT devices to connect during mission-critical work in manufacturing automation, healthcare, energy and other industries
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Portfolio of 5G Network Services

1 Application & Device Testing

The number of devices and applications used by consumers increases every day. Consumers have high expectations for their devices and applications to work seamlessly with existing network ecosystems. With the promise of portability from 5G, consumer expectations are high for their devices to work on outdoor networks.

To ensure success, all ecosystem partners, including telecom operators, OS and application providers, and device providers need to manage the quality of their respective products and solutions. To ensure high quality, companies turn to us to provide application and device testing services

  • We make the testing process cost effective and efficient, which can reduce time to market.
  • We ensure high quality of products or services.
  • Our thorough testing helps to avoid product failures in the field and protects your brand image.
  • Design a Test Plan based on application requirements.
  • Develop manual and automated test scripts.
  • Execute functional tests to validate application requirements.
  • Execute load test and tune performance.
  • Regression and compliance testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Network testing.
  • Protocol testing.
  • Field testing.
  • Leverage open-source tools.

2 IoT Services

With real-time speeds and response times available over Wide Area Networks, it is becoming easier to integrate the IP world with the physical world. When remote connectivity is no longer a disadvantage, the opportunity is enormous for all businesses. People, machines, and objects can connect with each other regardless of distance, which opens the door to offer new solutions and services to enterprises and consumers.

For example, a Telecom player can can use edge analytics to carry out a prescribed network change without human intervention. Or a Retail player could trigger shipments between locations based on sales data and never run out of stock.

To realize the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies often rely on Ignitec. We're a trusted and knowledgeable partner to collaborate on IoT strategy. Our experts will listen to your goals and bring proven solutions from well-known companies and innovative start-ups.

  • Business consulting.
  • Cloud services.
  • Customer support and product maintenance.
  • Product engineering.
  • Security.
  • Solution pilots and lab trials.
  • System integration and deployment.
  • Technology consulting.

3 Network Planning, Design & Optimization

For a network to deliver high performance and high stability, it is imperative to have all of its components tested, fine tuned and managed by a skilled Engineering team. Design principles must be accurately applied and network systems need to be tested, monitored and managed on an on-going basis.

Ignitec provides specialists who have relevant experience in Network Design, Testing, Installation and Maintenance across multiple technologies, including LTE and 5G.

  • Create the RF Strategy per business requirement and according to the regulatory framework.
  • Analyze the performance of individual components and the system to carry out necessary tuning.
  • Test and implement new features.
  • Optimize the coverage, capacity and performance of the network.
  • Leverage leading performance tools for network optimization and management.

4 Lab & Field Testing

We check the quality of products, both in the lab and field environment. Some products, such as mobile phones, require a lot of early testing, including how applications respond, compliance with radio wave regulations (testing for electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation), plus many other tests to ensure performance and compliance with your target market. We use third-party labs or customer labs to conduct the testing. Our experts recommend adjustments to improve testing results and ensure compliance.

5 Network Management

Next-gen technologies and 5G increase the complexity of a network. As the number of physical and virtual devices added to a network keeps increasing, managing such a network at optimal levels becomes extremely difficult.

To win customer confidence and sustain a profitable business, users expect top network performance. To address this challenge, companies call on our experts for support. Our Ignitec team leverages best-of-class Automation, ML and AI tools to help you operate and manage your networks smoothly and efficiently

6 System Integration, Testing & Deployment

Companies have many different products in their data center. Companies call us to make their systems run smoothly together. Our job is to integrate many products from multiple companies and make sure they all work together to get the desired outcome for your customer

We test the system, we do technology integrations, and we make the system run according to specification. We integrate systems from Arista Networks, Check Point, Cisco, Dell EMC, F5 Networks, Fortinet, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Juniper Networks, NEC, NetApp, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, Pure Storage, Western Digital and others. Integrations include multi-cloud networks, including integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

7 Technology Review and Recommendations

With multiple products and solutions available, it can be daunting for an organization to choose and implement the right solution. Ignitec provides industry experts who can collaborate with your business teams and help your business functions use 5G technology to its fullest extent. These experts go beyond the current problem and partner with you to define your future.

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